Volunteer Mentors

Don't just be good, Be good for something!

MYD firmly believes that each of us has a responsibility to share our knowledge and experience with the next generation. We call these caring individuals “mentors” – those who are willing to give of their time – an hour, a day, a week – to help us achieve our mission. MYD boasts itself as not only providing positive experiences for its participants, but additionally helps to build mentors who will move forward with those skill sets and experiences throughout the course of their lives.

Our volunteer mentors know the importance of serving as positive role models for our student participants. As a volunteer mentor, you will have an opportunity to interact with the students, and challenge them to become critical thinkers by engaging them during the workshops and other activities. Strong mentorship is developed through intensive training, high standards of conduct, role modeling, and continual dialogue about how to best play the role and facilitate active change.

Mentor Roles and Responsibilities.

No experience necessary!

Thank you, the MYD team


“What we at MYD have created is both a youth development model as well as an incubator for young adult mentors in the spirit of volunteerism. The greatest reward is knowing that, some day, even 10-20 years from now, a word, an ear, or a nugget of wisdom will eventually flourish and the efforts of today will have made all the difference in the future.”

Akello Stone, Mentor

“My mentoring experiences have allowed me to share my life lessons and help youth to begin to discover their path in life. This opportunity has enriched my personal growth. There is something magical that happens when you watch the transformation of a young person before your eyes. Something clicks within them and they realize that they hold the power to make positive changes within themselves. They realize that their story is worthy of being told. I am just there to remind them of their greatness, when they have moments of doubt.”

- Tatiana Williams, Mentor

“Mentors foster transformational experiences by being role models and positive relationships through open communication and ongoing encouragement.”

- Chi Burton, Mentor

“I see myself in these young people and, as such, I feel a strong sense of accountability to open their minds to opportunities that will eventually present themselves.”

- Vince Allen, Mentor